Vision Mission Statement

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Old Wynberg Village Society
Vision Mission Statement

Old Wynberg Village aims to strengthen its identity as a unique lifestyle location, integrating bespoke shops, quality eating and drinking establishments, scenic public walkways as well as areas of historical significance, while embracing its wealth of heritage aspects to ensure the long-term viability of this mixed use destination.

This will be achieved through the following specific objectives:
1. Consultation, planning and implementation of this vision will be broad-based and inclusive of all stakeholders, especially the City Council, business owners, property owners and residents;
2. Ensure that strong functional relationships are established and maintained with private business owners in the Village in order to effectively and coherently represent common interests and concerns;
3. Ensure that future land use and heritage planning falls within the legal limits as well as the best interests of the Village, its residents and businesses;
4. Ensure that safety and security issues continue to be prioritized and that the mandate of the Wynberg Improvement District (WID) is maximized to its full potential in this regard;
5. Ensure that traffic flows, parking arrangements and overall access issues throughout the Village address the immediate and long term requirements of all stakeholders;
6. Ensure renewed commitment to the organization and hosting of social gatherings and fund-raising events in order to strengthen a sense of community spirit within the Village.

In order to achieve this, new ways of working have been proposed by the current OWVS committee members.

Five sub-committees will be established and chaired by an existing (or future) committee member:
i) Business Owners Sub-Committee;
ii) Land Use, Planning and Heritage Sub-Committee;
iii) Traffic and Access Sub-Committee;
iv) Security and WID Liaison Sub-Committee;
v) Community Events and Fundraising Sub-Committee.

Each sub-committee chair will be responsible for compiling a list of priority actions as well as an action plan to achieve these within a set period of time. Chairs will also be responsible for reporting back at monthly OWVS committee meetings on progress, achievements and challenges.

Community members are encouraged to join one or more of the abovementioned sub-committees. Where necessary, residents, business owners or other professionals will be co-opted in a voluntary capacity to support the work of respective sub-committees.